Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Wishlist Part Two

christmas wishlist part two

Topshop / Oversized sweater, $22 / Tweed jacket, $59 / Disco pants, $38 / Burberry bag / Urban Outfitters leather band watch / American Apparel pom hat / Napoleon Perdis faux eyelash / Lancôme lip makeup

I decided to follow up the last (skincare) christmas wishlist with one designed primarily for clothes.. I did get a bit caught up in the makeup section, but not too bad. That's kind of the sentence that describes my life. Except usually it goes, "I did get a bit caught up in the makeup section. It was really bad." Despite the stigma behind the boring Topshop Geek tee's, I've really gotten to like the look and colour of them. No one I know even owns one, unlike all of you Londoners. I really need a hat to keep me warm for the cold months, and cover up my bad hair days so I resorted to an American Apparel beanie (currently reduced!)

Stumbled across these gorgeous fancy lashes that I'm dying to try out... After my little escapade with them a few days ago, I really want to find what suits me best and is easiest to apply. I adore the peplum's from Topshop and love how semi-casual these are. Dressed down or up, very cute all the same. I've never bothered to buy anything from missguided, but I really like this batwing jumper. I first saw the Urban Outfitters leather world map watch on tumblr quite a bit ago and I'm..... in love to say the least. The vintage feel, the idea that I have very little time to travel.. I need it in my life is what I'm saying.

I picked up my first pair of Disco Pants back in the summer and needless to say, I think I need another pair. I love the feel, the slim fit and the compliments I receive almost every time I wear them! The tweed jacket feels semi-casual and could be easily dressed up or down. I need another jacket, just couldn't find one that I like. I need one that's more heavy duty and very versatile. Last but most certainly not least comes the Burberry bag, which is a bit out of price range, but I adore nonetheless.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this board. I want everything on it, in fact Im thinking of ordering the watch from America, so so prettty :) x